Album Reviews

Angels & Airwaves – LOVE

“The prolonged into’s and outro’s, repeated guitar effects and synthesizers begin to wear thin. Some moments can genuinely please, while others gradually agitate which makes the album a wholly frustrating listening experience”

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Frightened Rabbit – The Winter of Mixed Drinks

“While the output isn’t nearly as bare or scruffy as Organ Fight, it’s still rich on beautiful melodies. The bands charm remains their ability to effortlessly mix dark and insightful lyrics with wonderfully uplifting music.”

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All Time Low – Nothing Personal

“Perhaps I’m overlooking the demographic this kind of release will appeal to. Even so, I can appreciate good song writing and catchy hooks. The sad fact is, there simply isn’t enough of either throughout the album”

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Fightstar – Be Human

“there’s equal doses of cinematic drama, angst-ridden heaviness and pop sensibility. Having also hired the services of Audrey Riley and her accompanying orchestra, the band have created their boldest and most diverse album to date.”

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New Found Glory – Not Without a Fight

“with a new home at indie label Epitaph Records and Mark Hoppus of  Blink-182 and +44 fame in the producers seat, the band have given fans of old a reason to fall in love all over again.”

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Gig Reviews

There are currenty no reviews available.

Film Reviews

(500) Days of Summer

“Webb challenges both gender and genre conventions, yet isn’t afraid to play with his influences. That, and a sincere attitude towards the storytelling, helps the film succeed marvelously.  He tells us the oldest story in the book, but with great acting, directing and some fresh ideas, (500) Days of Summer delivers a genuine and relatable tale for all to partake.”

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